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Benedicte - Modulair comfort

Benedicte - Modular comfort

The fast-paced society we live in means we rarely get to stop. It’s no wonder that en masse, we yearn for somewhat more balance and calm. This desire therefore lies at the very heart of current living trends for serene and natural interiors. 2023 is all about wanting to create an inviting atmosphere at home, and we do so using light, earthy tones, natural materials, organic shapes and soft fabrics. This living trend, inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, provides peace and harmony: precisely what we need. Entirely in line with this trend, Mublo is launching the Benedicte: a sofa that's just as comfy as it looks.

mublo benedicte


What really makes the special Benedicte sofa stand out are its soft and round shapes, making you think of loose cushions tossed nonchalantly together. The stitched seams on the edges of the seat, backrest and armrest give the design a neat, minimalist look while breaking up the volume of the cushions. From the height of the backrest to the depth of the seat, every detail has been crafted for an incredibly soft feel.


The modular design allows you to make endless combinations with the two back and seat elements. Whether you prefer a more compact setting, or are looking for an impactful, large sofa: the Benedicte is suitable for any situation.

The Benedicte sofa is available in a wide range of high-quality fabrics and colours, ensuring the Benedicte blends in wonderfully with any interior. Because this sofa is so versatile, it mixes and matches perfectly with all kinds of interiors, and with other Mublo designs. Think, for instance, of the ceramic Antoon side table, and the artisanal Heliot standing lamp. That way, you transform your home into a serene haven, where you can leave the hectic day-to-day behind.

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