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Linnen overal in huis

Linen everywhere

Mublo launches a timeless and sustainable collection of home textiles in a palette of natural shades. There is something for every room in the house. Choose a stone washed bed set or tablecloth, or go for plaids and towels in a super soft waffle structure.


mublo linen towels



For the Mublo home textiles, we specifically chose for linen, a durable textile that has been used for centuries. Linen is made from the flax plant, which with its blue-purple flowers grows very well in the Northern European climate. Besides hemp, it is one of the fastest growing plants from which textiles are made. In addition, the cultivation of linen uses little water and pesticides and the material is naturally degradable.



Mublo's linen accessories are traditionally produced in Lithuania, a country (alongside Belgium) internationally renowned for its high-quality fine linen. All products in the collection are pre-washed - which ensures that they remain soft and keep their shape after washing. The biggest advantage of this linen? It only gets more beautiful with time!

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