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Mublo goes outdoor

Mublo goes outdoor

At Mublo, we strongly believe that our outdoor living areas are an extension of our homes, where we unwind and connect with nature. From this vision came the idea of creating an outdoor universe that offers comfort in everyone's unique open air spaces. Keeping the aesthetic centered around a contemporary and timeless approach, Mublo’s outdoor collection is true to its design philosophy where high quality once again takes centre stage.


mublo outdoor

“I drew inspiration from modernist architecture and how this architectural style relates to nature.”
Kylian van der Have - Creative Director


The collection is characterised by robust shapes, pronounced lines and voluminous elements. This rigidness adds a touch of character to your outdoor living areas. At the same time, their generous size guarantees a high level of comfort, luxury and well-being.


mublo outdoor frida collection


The idea of indestructibility reflects Mublo's commitment to qualitative, high-performance design. The collection is made in Spain with fabrics manufactured in Belgium. The materials used for this collection embody the same essence and are carefully chosen to ensure a long lifespan.


mublo outdoor frida collection daybed


Get inspired by our campaign visuals made by photographer Tim Van de Velde, in which the clean lines of the collection are beautifully highlighted against the backdrop of the soothing Flemish Ardennes. With the outdoor furniture of Mublo, you can create the same peace and relaxation, but in your own garden, balcony or terrace.


mublo outdoor talia collection

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