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Our story

Mublo is a Belgian interior and lifestyle brand that is characterised by high-quality furniture and interior accessories in collaboration with local and European manufacturers. Building on durable materials, a contemporary aesthetic and rich fabrics, our unique products can withstand the test of time in every interior.

From furniture to accessories for every room or space, our ambition is to offer the most complete interior and lifestyle universe possible. In addition to contemporary colours and shapes and highly detailed finishes, our furniture especially stands out for the high-quality upholstery. Surprising textures, lines and colours reflect the expertise and craftsmanship of Mublo and its partners.

With their timeless, Belgian aesthetic and high-quality materials, our products will still be beautiful in many years’ time. This vision on sustainability is further strengthened by the made-to-order production method to avoid wasted resources and introduce a made-to-measure approach.


our commitment

Mublo’s offering is not limited to self-designed products. By focusing on collaborations with European parties such as independent furniture makers and small-scale manufacturers, we hope to counterbalance the import of mass production from low-cost labour. Small manufacturing companies often struggle to survive this competition, resulting in the loss of valuable knowledge and craftsmanship in our local economies. To combat this, Mublo will be partnering with other creators who share the same ideological vision and are committed to European design and manufacturing. In our range, you can already find a series of high-quality mirrors from the Flemish family company Deknudt Mirrors.

In the search for other parties, we use well thought-out criteria. Only manufacturers with a similar ideological vision, who stand up for European, high-quality design and who can prove this with (sustainability) certificates, are eligible for a collaboration. Each product that results from such a collaboration will have our quality guarantee and a statement of where the fabric and product has been made.



European companies that deliver proven craftsmanship and quality are central to the Mublo concept. And that is no coincidence: the story of Mublo started in partnership with Annabel Textiles, a Belgian family business that has been specialising in high-quality fabrics for the furniture market since 1974. Hence, in addition to the contemporary colours and shapes and the highly detailed finishes, Mublo products also stand out for their high quality upholstery.

The above goes hand in hand with an immense range of fabrics and colours at our disposal that allow to customise our range of furniture. Besides fabrics for residential use, we also offer a wide range of fabrics for contract use. In our showroom in Ghent, we are more than happy to advise you on the numerous possibilities in fabric and colour in order for you to create your own unique space.


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