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European manufacturers, unite!

This vision lies at the heart of Mublo. This young Belgian interior and lifestyle brand is characterized by high-quality furniture and interior accessories made in collaboration with European manufacturers. Thanks to sustainable materials, a contemporary aesthetic and rich fabrics, the items of Mublo leave a unique mark on every interior.

Mublo 2021 Frederik Vercruysse

European (family) businesses that deliver proven craftsmanship and quality are central to the Mublo concept. And that's not surprising, because key to this young interior and lifestyle brand is a European family business itself. Mublo developed a first partnership with Annabel Textiles: a Belgian family business that has been specialising in high-quality fabrics for the high-end (furniture) market since 1974. Over the past decade, the brand has built up a wealth of knowledge about the design process, colour combinations and fabric treatments, so the time was ripe to make the step to the general public. From October onwards, Mublo will be entering the international furniture market as a fully-fledged new brand.

Surprising textures and colours

From armchairs to sofas, from side tables to beds, from cushions to kitchen textiles and finally light objects: Mublo offers the most complete interior and lifestyle universe possible. In addition to their contemporary colours and shapes and highly detailed finish, the items stand out for their upholstery. The surprising textures, patterns and colours reflect Annabel's expertise and sustainability awareness (for example, all fabrics are certified with the Oeko-Tex 100 label). Due to the timeless, Belgian aesthetic and the high quality materials, the items will still be beautiful in many years to come. This sustainable vision is further strengthened by the made-to-order production method to avoid surpluses.


But Mublo's offer does not only consist of self-designed items. By focusing on collaborations with European parties, such as independent furniture makers and small-scale manufacturers, Mublo hopes to counterbalance mass production. Small manufacturing companies often struggle to survive this unfair competition, resulting in the loss of valuable knowledge and craftsmanship. To combat this, Mublo will be setting up collabs with other makers in the coming years. In the Mublo range, you can find for example some high quality mirrors from the Flemish family business De Knudt Mirrors.

Ideological match

In the search for other parties, Mublo uses well thought-out criteria. Only designers with a similar ideological vision, who stand up for European, high-quality design and who can prove this with (sustainability) certificates, are eligible for a collaboration. Each item that results from such a collaboration will have a quality guarantee stating in which country it was made. The Mublo items will be available from October via and in the showroom in the new offices in Ghent. For the coming years there are already plans for some pop-up stores in Antwerp and Ghent, so keep an eye on the Mublo website and socials!

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